Outline of Research Accomplishments:

Developed scheme for preparation of iron catalysts in a continuous process. In cooperation with United Catalyst Inc, developed plant design and prepared 200 pounds of optimum catalyst. One ton catalyst slurry prepared at CAER and spray dried at UCI. Optimized promoter levels for iron catalyst and studies are under way to do this for cobalt catalysts.

Defined optimum activation procedures for iron catalysts for use of hydrogen, of carbon monoxide and of synthesis gas as it impacts activity, selectivity and lifetime.

Developing relationships of promoters and activity, selectivity and lifetime for cobalt catalysts.

Developed iron catalyst to meet and exceed DOE contract objective.
Showed that hydrocarbon productivity and selectivity depends upon carbon monoxide conversion.

Based on catalyst considerations only, a process based upon multiple reactors is preferred. Currently, two companies are evaluating this process concept.






For Iron catalyst there is little difference.