The Catalysis Center is particularly well equipped with available reactor systems and routinely operates reactors from the small bench scale to the pilot plant scale (6' x 2" reactor). control panel The pilot plant is a flexible facility in that it has operated in the fixed bed, fluid bed and slurry bubble column modes.
fixed bed reactor Also included in the Center are two 1L Berty, four plug flow and 11 1L CSTR systems. All reactor systems are well instrumented for process monitoring. chromatograph
The Catalysis Research and Testing Center is well equipped with analytical instrumentation for catalyst characterization and product evaluation. Analytical Services are available for external clients. One of the unique capabilities of the Center is its extensive capability in the use of radioactive and stable isotopes in reaction mechanism studies. One of the more innovative applications of a stable carbon isotope technique was employed during a coprocessing run in the 6 ton/day pilot plant facility. The success of using this technique on this scale provided data to distinguish each product slate derived from the coal and the petroleum heavy oil feedstock The Catalysis Center is well equipped in the area of catalysis preparation. Quantities of 1 kg of catalysts are routinely prepared and up to 1 ton of wet catalysts have been prepared in the past.

Additional instrumentation includes:

  • ESCA/Auger
  • XRD and XRF
  • GC/MS
  • BET
  • Porosimeter
  • Scintillation Counter
  • Proportional Counters for GC and LC Effluents
  • Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector
  • Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Detector
  • Numerous Packed and Capillary Gas Chromatographs

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